Colour Simulations, A Desktop Application for Windows

Download Links

Latest version 1.2.6

download link: ColourSimulations_v126.msi

Legacy version 1.1.4

download link: ColourSimulations_x86.msi

The installer includes the Microsoft DirectX 9.0c runtime

Privacy Policy

This application does not collect or transmit any personal information. No personal information is used, stored, secured or disclosed by services this application works with.

Is it Safe?

The files have been digitially signed so you can check that they have not been tampered with

You should check the digital signature and run the installation file through your anti-virus software before installing

How to Check the Digital Signature

When you download the installation file you will see a number of security checks designed to protect your PC

Firstly your browser will warn you that the file is potentially harmful as it will install software on your computer

Shortcut image

Select the option to view downloads and open the download folder

Open the file properties window by right-clicking on the file and selecting properties


In the file properties Window check for the Digital Signatures tab


If you do not see the Digital Signatures tab, or the name of signer is not Laurence A Jones, then the file has been tampered with and is unsafe, do not install

If you see a valid digital signature with name of signer Laurence A Jones then the file is safe to use

You can double-click on the signature to view the certificate details and open the certificate itself

Windows SmartScreen

When you run the installation file Windows SmartScreen may flag it as an unrecognized application

If this happens click on More Info


Check the Publisher is Laurence A Jones, this is another check on the digital signature


Other warnings may appear depending on your anti-virus software

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